My Story

I am a coder and do social networking services living in Ho Chi Minh, I like to explore and learn interesting and interesting things on social networks,then i failed, my hobby is walking the streets, meeting famous people, here I will tell a little about my biography I have been researching and learning about this social networking service since 2016, and I have failed, after august there was the covid epidemic stressful and complicated with government directive 16, I was grumpy at home with nothing to do so at that time I decided to go back to my old job, I learned about those things again and became more and more knowledgeable, progress and better, many people admire, when I knew enough, I went to make money with that profession, but I really couldn't believe it: I went from a boy a day with only 20,000 VND for breakfast to become 1 person with a monthly salary of 40,000,000 VND - 80,000,000 VND frankly, the covid 19 epidemic has helped me changed a lot and realizing my strengths and weaknesses, I will try to achieve the best, thank you to everyone who has always supported and helped me in the past time.

Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam


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